Golden Hour Photos On Your Wedding Day

It’s the first blog of the year and it will be all about everyones favourite golden hour! 

Golden hour photos are our absolute favourite and they are definitely must have photos on your wedding day. Watching the sun go down on your wedding day is something truly magical. 

Here are our favourite golden hour photos and a few tips if you are considering to have these shots on your wedding day. 

Timing is the most important for your golden hour sunset photos.

If you have decided you would like to have these photos, it’s really important to plan time for sunset photos into your wedding timeline. The golden hour will disappear quickly and 15 min is more than enough for a few portraits in the magical light. It can be as late as 9pm pm in June or as early as 3pm in December! 

Trust your photographer.

Trust us, we will be watching the weather app for you, making sure we don’t miss the golden hour. We also will locate the spot on the horizon where the sun will set up.

Prepare to be flexible.

It could be that you will need to pop out for 15min during the 3 course meal, or stop the catch up conversation with your uncle Bob. We have a very small window in which to get those stunning sunset photos, the sun won’t wait for us! Your food will be there when you get back but if you don’t get those all-important golden hour photos, you may regret it! From experience, we had some very upset chefs or chefs that will understand and will re-heat the food for you.

Enjoy every moment!

Consider yourself very lucky as not every couple gets this magical light. 

All these golden hour photos are such a highlight to capture on your wedding day! Literally gives us goosebumps.

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